All of our programs are aimed at increasing a senior’s independence and reduce the isolation that can be brought about by aging and limited mobility.

Meals on Wheels | Jefferson & Hardin County Prepared Home Delivered Meal Service For Seniors & Disabled Adults

Congregate Dining | Enjoy Lunch With Friends At One Of Our 15 Dining Locations Within Jefferson & Hardin Counties

'Grow to Share' Donation Garden | Fresh Fruits & Vegetables For Our Homebound Clients

Other Meal Programs

  • Grocery Bag Program | Grocery bags are delivered to supplement the pantries of our Meals on Wheels clients.
  • Ensure Nutritional Supplements | We sell Ensure to seniors, 60+ at discounted rates! Contact us today to learn more!
  • Shelf Stable Meals | Shelf stable meals are delivered to our homebound clients for non-delivery days, holidays and in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.