Life-saving emergency response unit 


Nutrition & Services for Seniors is pleased to offer the life saving program called CareNet. Independence at home means being prepared for unforeseen incidents and emergencies. CareNet is comprised of a twoway voice console unit that connects to an existing phone line and a lightweight, personal activator that stays with the person privately, around their neck or wrist. If a person needs assistance, they can press a button and the CareNet console unit dials a toll-free number and opens a two-way voice connection between the client and a 24/7 monitoring center team. The monitoring team will dispatch an emergency professional, family or friends to assist the client. 

Nutrition & Services for Seniors has installed approximately 500 of these devices throughout Southeast Texas. Our service area includes the following counties: Jefferson, Hardin, Orange, Newton, Liberty and Jasper. The CareNet system can be used for any kind of personal emergency, including possible home break-in, not just a medical emergency. Most clients use it for assistance when  they have fallen.

For more information on CareNet, please call us at (409)892-4455.

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